"Coal-based materials attending the energetic problems"





University Polithenica of Bucharest (UPB)


University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest is the largest, oldest and most prestigious technical university in Romania and among the most prestigious national universities with a tradition developed in over 190 years being ranked among top 100 in the world.

At present the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest is formed by 15 different faculties, being full member in several European and international academic organisations CESAER, IAU, EUA, AUF).

The Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science goes back to 1867 when Chemistry courses were introduced and taught by Professor Emanuel Bacaloglu in the former School of Bridges, Roads and Mines. The faculty is located in the Polizu buildings starting with 1886.


UPB is represented in this project by Research Centre for Environmental Protection and Eco-Friendly Technologies, UPB-CPMTE, a non-governmental, non-profit, self-financed unit founded in UPB in 1998, under the frame of EU Tempus Program. Its main objective is developing R&D&I activities in environmental protection and bio-, nano-technologies.

The main priorities research areas of UPB-CPMTE are:

- developing advanced eco-friendly technologies and methods for pollution control in environmental factors and food contamination.

- research for replacing synthetic chemicals by natural bioactive principles.

- developing of soft-nanotechnology techniques for obtaining new multifunctional materials and nano-structures applied in environmental protection, nutrition, quality control and expertise on quality of chemical products.

- coal conversion and clean technologies, carbon materials, biomaterials.


Some quantifiable results of UPB-CPMTE during the last 5 years: coordination of national and European projects (FP7, Bilateral Norway) over 70 papers published in ISI journals, 2 patents and 6 national and 6 international projects coordinated.

Team members’ expertise is wide and complex. Several domains describing the expertise of the scientists in the targeted field are: coke making, coal tar processing, obtaining and characterization of the carbon materials  , industrial application of organic petrology, microwave heating applied to materials processing and chemical synthesis.

30 Members: 9 Professors and Senior Scientists with international recognition, 7 associated specialists, 8 Post-doc researchers, 7 MSc and PhD students.


UPB will be involved in the following activities in the SUPERCOAL project:

Task 1.1. Polymerization of anthracene oil.

Task 1.3. Characterization of raw materials and pitch-like products.

Task 1.4. Preparation and characterization of cokes.

Task 2.1. Preparation of polymerized isotropic pitches.

Task 2.2. Preparation of mesophase pitches.

Task 2.3. Characterization of carbon materials precursors .




This project is financially supported by the European Union within the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) programme (Grant Agreement No. RFCR-CT-2015-00006).