"Coal-based materials attending the energetic problems"






Claudiu TopRom, SRL (CTRom)


Claudiu TopRom SRL (CTRom) is part of a group of companies that develop unconventional technologies based on microwave energy and equipments at demonstrator and production level, in various fields of interest. The company development started in 2010 by promoting technologies for seeded substrate for lignocellulosic wastes production using microwave energy (POS CCE/O231 ID 875/2011) and new methods to obtain nanostructured ZnO in microwave field (PNII-Partnership 2876/2011) both projects supported by EU and National funds.

CTRom successfully achieved results in a number of components and systems related to its  basic field of activity, as: quartz windows with fixing and sealing systems with double guides; folding systems for microwave radiation; temperature control systems and adjusting subassembly; pilot reactors for obtaining nanostructured ZnO (5 KW microwaves power, 10 Liter); polymerization reactions in the microwave field; PET depolymerization reactors in the microwave field for obtaining polyols (as subcontractor of EU funded projects POS CCE/O233 ID 1765 (45KW microwaves power, 0.5 m3); systems for automation and control of technology line parameters... Special attention was paid to ceramic susceptor and applications requiring high temperatures (Receipts for ceramics working between 1000-20000C): Melting nonferrous metal (3KW microwaves power, SiC plated with TiO2 5 Liter); Incinerations; Pyrolysis processes.


Activities in the field of microwaves technologies:

¨development-research and technological transfer for:

- industrial drying (wood, fruit, mushrooms,  etc.)

- curative treatment for wood preservation

- chemical processes (polymers production, etc.)

- environmental protection (soils decontamination, medical waste treatment)

- patrimony preservation (archives documents, libraries, historical monuments)

v    ¨metalo-thermic proceses

- carbo – thermal reduction (MW non-ferous making, etc.)

- ore processing, sintering

- metal recycling (slag, sludge, dust)

- waste disposal, remediation (slag, sludge, dust, contaminated soils, etc.)

- drying of refractory, wet sludge, hydrothermal processing

- grinding (ore, minerals, slag) etc.  


Achievements in microwaves field:

- technical installations designed for polymers production

- microwave installations designed for impregnating of phone cables

- microwaves generator with variable output power

- component devices designed for industrial technological installations with microwaves for drying , sterilization processes, etc

- method of thermal treatment of contaminated soil with hydrocarbons using microwave energy

- equipment for sterilization and incineration processes of the medical waste and garbage



Involvement in the project

WP-1. Preparation of pitch-like products from coal-derived liquids and cokes/graphites

WP-2. Preparation of polymerized isotropic and mesophase pitches

WP-3. Synthesis and characterization of Activated Carbons

WP-5. Preparation of composites activated carbon/graphene (AC/G)

WP-8. Global evaluation and assessment of the project results









This project is financially supported by the European Union within the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) programme (Grant Agreement No. RFCR-CT-2015-00006).